Constructing Standards-Based Rubrics in the Secondary ELA Classroom

My Instruction and Assessment Philosophy
Over the past couple years, I have been reading into standards-based grading and “healthy” grading practices. Along with a variety of blog posts, @TG2Chat/#tg2chat and the #sblchat community, the following resources have assisted me in developing my standards-based assessment (and, in turn, instruction) philosophy:
·Grading from the Inside Outby Tom Schimmer (@TomSchimmer) ·On Your Markby Thomas R. Guskey (@tguskey) ·Assessment 3.0by Mark Barnes (@markbarnes19) ·Standards-Based Learning in Actionby Tom Schimmer (@TomSchimmer), Garnet Hillman (@garnet_hillman), and Mandy Stalets (@MandyStalets)
I believe that students must seek learning, not points, and that their grade in my course should be a reflection on that learning. To that end, I allow students to reassess to show mastery, and my workshop approach allows me to coach individual students as they work. I am still averaging scores, but my gradebook this semester will look different than it has in …

Preparing Standards and Learning Targets for Standards-Based Grading in HS ELA

From Workshop to Standards-Based Scoring
After establishing a workshop model last year in my 9th and 10th grade English classes, I want to move closer to standards-based grading this year. For me, establishing an instructional model that more closely works with standards-based learning was an important first step. Please refer to this post for a summary. Now, I can continue my exploration.
In this blog post, I will walk through the steps I took to establish the eight standards I will assess my students on in Academic English 9:
Standard 1: Analyzing Literary Elements & Devices Standard 2: Analyzing Nonfiction Elements & Concepts Standard 3: Evaluating Text Genre, Form, and Structure Standard 4: Utilizing Evidence & Research Standard 5: Crafting Focus, Organization, and Style Standard 6: Composing Narratives Standard 7: Expanding Vocabulary Standard 8: Developing Speaking Skills
Step 1: Prioritizing Standards
Last year, I reviewed our recently rewritten ninth-grade curriculum (which I …